The Residential Life team is a team of full-time, trained support staff who offer free, confidential, and expert support to all students living in University accommodation.

Throughout your time living in University accommodation, the team can provide wellbeing support, organise social events in your residence, and help you to settle into university life. 

The team includes Chief and Senior Residents who live in the residences alongside students. They provide approachable and familiar faces and will listen to you and offer support for whatever concerns or worries you have. They run regular kitchen meetings in your accommodation to help build a welcoming and positive living environment.

We want all students to have a positive time in accommodation, and have guidance on how to be a good neighbour which sets out how we expect students to treat their residence and fellow residents. There are also rules for behaviour in your tenancy agreement.

Often when there are conflicts between flatmates, early intervention and clear communication can be really helpful in stopping any further problems. Speaking to a Residential Life adviser is a good way to talk about how to resolve any small disagreements. 

However, sometimes it is not possible to resolve a conflict, especially if you are being bullied or harassed by one or more flatmates. 

Raising a concern

As the best first step, we recommend contacting the Residential Life team, which you can do by submitting a Wellbeing Access form or you can contact the team 24 hours a day by telephone on +44 (0)117 428 3300. An Adviser will be able to talk with you about potential next steps to try and resolve the matter informally.  

Making a report

There are two ways you can tell us what happened