Wellbeing support is available to all students at the University.

However, we know that for some students, additional support specific to their needs is very important. Many services at the University have a range of staff members, and if you would find it more comfortable to speak with someone with a specific characteristic (for example a woman, a person of colour), please do request this and services will do their best to accommodate your request where possible.

Please see below a list of further support available at the University and in the City of Bristol.

Students with Disabilities

Disability Services supports students with a range of disabilities, learning difficulties, and other health and mental health conditions.

Support available can include putting in place a Study Support Plan, which can include adjustments to your teaching and assessment, as well as connecting you with further resources and support through Disabled Students Allowance, which might include one-to-one support, specialised software, and equipment.

If you have experienced anything which has negatively impacted you in relation to your disability, especially in relation to your teaching and learning, we encourage you to contact Disability Services and talk with a Disability Adviser.

Students of Colour

We want every student in the University to feel like they belong to the wider community. We have developed specific activities to ensure that our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students have a fulfilling experience of university.

In particular, we have the Be More Empowered for Success programme, which has created belonging projects focused on group wellbeing support, including Black Men and Women Talk, and Alternative Asians.

The University also works in partnership with Nilaari, a community-based counselling charity through which students can access culturally sensitive counselling with a counsellor who represents your needs (by ethnicity or language) with up to six free sessions.

LGBTQ+ Students

The Student Inclusion team run a mentoring programme for Trans and Non-Binary students. Your mentor will be trans or non-binary and someone who knows the local community. They are there to listen when you need to talk and help you work towards your goals, usually meeting once a week for four months. They may also provide you with information and advice regarding trans and non-binary services.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened