Consent Collective TV is an online library of resources and videos on consent, sex, relationships, and much more. There’s a broad range of content in Consent Collective TV, some of which may not be relevant to where you are at the moment, but some resources might be really helpful. 

We have pulled out some resources which we think might be particularly useful to you in relation to some specific elements of relationship abuse, largely in the area of sexual violence. You can explore and discover what is available as much as you would like. 

To access the materials click on the link and select ‘Already have an account’. Login using your University of Bristol email and password.

Understanding your experience and reactions
  • How do you know if you're in an abusive relationship?
  • Why don't victims of sexual assault say no?
I had an orgasm during my rape does that mean I consented?
Living and studying after sexual assault 

Surviving university: Living and studying after sexual violence - This video is about 20 minutes long but contains a lot of really helpful and important information and advice from someone who has been through navigating University after sexual assault. 

The Courage to be Me - This is a web comic developed by Consent Collective, 'a story of courage, self-compassion and hope after sexual abuse'.

Considering reporting
If you aren’t sure whether these resources will be helpful, or if you’ve watched these and are finding yourself upset or having any negative feelings at all, please fill in a Wellbeing Access form to get in touch with a Sexual Violence Liaison Officer or Wellbeing Adviser who can support you.


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